Harald or Harold is the name of several kings and lesser rulers:

Kings of Denmark

  • Harald I of Denmark (c. 911 – November 1, 987), also known as Harald Bluetooth.
  • Harald II of Denmark
  • Harald III of Denmark

Kings of England

  • Harold I of England, also known as Harold Harefoot.
  • Harold II of England (c. 1022 – October 14, 1066), also known as Harold Godwinson.

Kings of Norway

  • Harald I of Norway (c. 848 – c. 931), also known as Harald Fairhair.
  • Harald II of Norway (died 969), also known as Harald Greycloak.
  • Harald III of Norway (born 1015 – died Stamford bridge, England, September 25, 1066), also known as Harald Hardråde.
  • Harald IV of Norway (died 1136), also known as Harald Gille.
  • Harald V of Norway (born February 21, 1937), present King of Norway.

Grand Dukes of Kiev

  • Mstislav the Great, known as Harald in Norse Sagas

King of Mann (Norwegian vassal)

  • Harald I of Mann (died 1248), also known as Harald the Black.

Earls of Orkney (Norwegian vassals)

  • Harald Haakonsson (died 1127)
  • Harald Maddadsson (c. 1134 – 1206)
  • Harald Eiriksson
Other people
  • Harald Bohr (1887–1951), Danish mathematician
  • Harald Sandberg (born 1951), Swedish diplomat

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