Hanseatic may refer to:

  • The Hanseatic League, a trading alliance in northern Europe in existence between the 13th and 17th centuries.
  • The Hanseatic (class), the synonym for the members of the upper class of the free imperial cities Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck since the middle of the 17th century after the end of the Hanseatic league.
  • The Hanseatic Parliament, an association of business chambers around the Baltic Sea, founded in the early 1990s.
  • Hanseatic Tours, a German cruise line that operated 1991–1997.
  • SS Hanseatic (1930), an ocean liner operated by Hamburg Atlantic Line 1958–1966.
  • SS Hanseatic (1964), an ocean liner/cruise ship operated by German Atlantic Line 1967–1973.
  • SS Hanseatic (1969),a cruise ship operated by German Atlantic Line 1973.
  • MS Hanseatic, a cruise ship operated by Hanseatic Tours 1993–1997 and by Hapag–Lloyd Cruises 1997 onwards.
  • MS Hanseatic Renaissance, a cruise ship operated by Hanseatic Tours 1991–1992, as of 2008 sailing as Spirit of Oceanus

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Confederation Of Cologne
... against Denmark signed 1367 by cities of the Hanseatic League on their meeting called Hansetag in Cologne ... The hanseatic cities at the southern coast of the Baltic sea had nearly lost the First Danish-Hanseatic War in the Battle of Helsingborg (1362) and made a peace with ... So the confederation had as members some non-hanseatic Dutch cities too ...
Hanseatic Flags
... Hanseatic flags are the banners of Hanseatic cities, that were flown by cogs and other ships of the Hanseatic league - as illustrated on the 1350 seal of Elbing shown here ...
MS Hanseatic
... MS Hanseatic (previously Society Adventurer) is a three-star cruise ship owned by the Hapag-Lloyd cruise line ... She was built as Society Adventurer, but was renamed when she was purchased by Hanseatic Tours, as the fourth in a line of Hanseatics ... In 1997, Hapag-Lloyd purchased Hanseatic Tours, and she passed into their ownership ...
Simon Of Utrecht
... October 1437) was a warship captain of the Hanseatic League during the Middle Ages ... to participate in sea battles, for example the war between the Hanseatic League and the Danish islands in 1428 ... From 1432 until 1433, he commandeered the Hanseatic fleet fighting Frisian looters, culminating in the destruction of the Frisian pirate base ...