Halligan can refer to:

  • Halligan (surname)
  • Halligan bar, a tool used by firefighters
  • USS Halligan (DD-584), a US Navy destroyer

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Liam Halligan
... Liam Halligan is a British economist, journalist and broadcaster ... Halligan is currently Chief Economist at Prosperity Capital Management - an asset management firm ... Halligan is also an economics commentator ...
Suicide Of Ryan Halligan
... Ryan Patrick Halligan (December 18, 1989 – October 7, 2003) was an American student from Essex Junction, Vermont, who committed suicide at the age of 13 after being bullied from his ... According to the Associated Press, Halligan was repeatedly sent homophobic instant messages, and was "threatened, taunted and insulted incessantly" ... Halligan, a former IBM engineer, subsequently lobbied for laws to be passed in Vermont to improve how schools address bullying and suicide prevention ...
The Mystery Of The Druids - Synopsis - Characters
... Detective Brent Halligan (Roger A ... disrespected by peers and shunned by the fairer sex", Detective Brent Halligan is "sort of the odd man out in the agency." Halligan often does "idiotic" things during his investigation—su ... Melanie Turner is Halligan's main ally throughout the game ...
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... Midnite Dynamite" (Halligan Jr./Purnell) – 351 "Red Hot (Black Blue)" (Halligan Jr./Purnell) – 323 "Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)" (Halligan Jr./Purnell/Winger) – 400 "Layin' Rubber" (Halligan Jr./Purnell ...