Hall Thrusters

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Hall Effect Thruster - Cylindrical Hall Thrusters
... Although conventional (annular) Hall thrusters are efficient in the kilowatt power regime, they become inefficient when scaled to small sizes ... This led to the design of the cylindrical Hall Thruster ... The cylindrical Hall thruster can be more readily scaled to smaller sizes due to its nonconventional discharge-chamber geometry and associated magnetic field profile ...
Hall Effect Thruster
... In spacecraft propulsion, a Hall thruster is a type of ion thruster in which the propellant is accelerated by an electric field ... Hall thrusters trap electrons in a magnetic field and then use the electrons to ionize propellant, efficiently accelerate the ions to produce thrust, and neutralize the ions in the plume ... Hall thrusters are sometimes referred to as Hall effect thrusters or Hall current thrusters ...
Hall Effect Thruster - Operation
... The essential working principle of the Hall thruster is that it uses an electrostatic potential to accelerate ions up to high speeds ... In a Hall thruster the attractive negative charge is provided by an electron plasma at the open end of the thruster instead of a grid ... to drift azimuthally, forming the Hall current from which the device gets its name ...

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