Haken may refer to:

  • Wolfgang Haken, mathematician who helped prove the four color theorem and made notable contributions to low-dimensional topology
  • Haken manifold, a type of 3-manifold named after Wolfgang Haken
  • Rianne ten Haken, Dutch model
  • Haken Audio, maker of the Continuum instrument
  • Haken, an English Progressive metal band.
  • Hermann Haken, a physicist best known for his contributions to laser theory and Synergetics
  • Shiluach haken, a mitzvah in the Torah
  • Haken (employment), a type of labor contract in Japan that refers to temporary or dispatch employment

Other articles related to "haken":

Haken Manifold - Applications
... The hierarchy makes proving certain kinds of theorems about Haken manifolds a matter of induction ... Then one proves that if the theorem is true for pieces resulting from a cutting of a Haken manifold, that it is true for that Haken manifold ... Haken sketched out a proof of an algorithm to check if two Haken manifolds were homeomorphic or not ...
... Haken-giri (派遣切り?) is the Japanese term for layoffs of temporary employees (haken) dispatched to companies by staffing agencies ...
Virtually Haken Conjecture
... an area of mathematics, the virtually Haken conjecture states that every compact, orientable, irreducible three-dimensional manifold with infinite fundamental group is virtually Haken ... with a finite-to-one covering map) that is a Haken manifold ...
Rianne Ten Haken
... Rianne ten Haken (born May 7, 1986) is a Dutch model ... Ten Haken was seen in advertising campaigns for companies such as Versace, Armani collezioni, Armani exchange and La Perla ...