Some articles on habits, habit:

Meatless Monday
... Unhealthy habits that prevailed over the weekend can be forgotten and replaced by positive choices ... A weekly reminder to restart healthy habits also encourages success ... with improvements in their overall health, eating habits and physical activity levels ...
Brenda Leigh Johnson - Work Life - Habits
... who routinely focuses on her cases to the exclusion of everything else around her, a habit that frequently clashes with both her professional and personal lives ...
Bad Habits (play)
... Bad Habits is play by Terrence McNally ... In Dunelawn, a doctor allows his patients to indulge in all their bad habits as means of finding happiness ... Bad Habits won the Obie Award as Distinguished Play for the 1973–1974 season ...
SRH Presents: Supporting Radical Habits Vol. II
... SRH Presents Supporting Radical Habits Vol ... the second SRH “Supporting Radical Habits” CD/DVD compilation ...
Ayden-Grifton High School - School Mission
... school should instill within each student the importance of good health habits and desire to maintain these habits ... The school should teach the student to be self-sufficient and help him/her develop desirable work habits ...

Famous quotes containing the word habits:

    Although a firm swat could bring a recalcitrant child swiftly into line, the changes were usually external, lasting only as long as the swatter remained in view....Permanent transformation had to be internal....The habits of self discipline, as laborious and frustrating as they were to achieve, offered the only real possibility of keeping children safe from their own excesses as well as the omnipresent dangers of society.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    Tell my son how anxious I am that he may read and learn his Book, that he may become the possessor of those things that a grateful country has bestowed upon his papa—Tell him that his happiness through life depends upon his procuring an education now; and with it, to imbibe proper moral habits that can entitle him to the possession of them.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    ...it has been a joy to live, at last, under an Administration which—stumbling forward and backward, colliding with all the habits of government, all the habits of business—has still endeavored to make the happiness of man, woman and child its chief consideration.
    Sarah N. Cleghorn (1876–1959)