Guiding Light (1980–1989) - Plot Development - 1980-1983


Bea Reardon and her daughter, Nola Reardon were introduced in January 1980 while Roger Thorpe was on the run and trying to kidnap his daughter. Roger disguised himself as a German Professor Schneider who was staying at the Reardon Boarding house. Nola almost turned Roger into the authorities before he kidnapped Rita. The Reardons had always lived in Springfield, and Bea thought her husband Hugh Thomas "Tom" Reardon had abandoned her and their seven children (eight if one count Bea's first child that she miscarried, which Bea did). (It would be revealed in 1983, that Tom Reardon had been killed in 1963). Nola was the only child still at home at the time the Reardons were introduced.

Nola's introduction would be the crux for the other younger teen characters and teen angst storylines. A couple of days after Roger left and kidnapped Rita, Speedo-clad and the well-muscled Kelly Nelson came to stay at the Boarding House. Alcoholic Tim Werner also returned, and became friends with Kelly. Although Kelly was now dating Hillary, Hillary would gain competition from both Nola and a totally unforeseen force as the year 1980 continued. Nola who had many movie fantasies (Nola championed herself as being the next Bette Davis), incorporated Kelly into her romantic movie fantasies. But Kelly had no clue that Nola had fallen for him.

Meanwhile, in what seemed a totally unrelated story at that time, Lucille Wexler hired as her new housekeeper (with the departure of Eve) the newly arrived in town Jennifer Richards. Jennifer had arrived in town with her husband Walter Richards and their teenage daughter, Morgan. Unfortunately when they drove into town Walter and Jennifer were fighting, while Morgan was asleep in the backseat, and Walter didn't see that Mike Bauer's car was about to hit him. Walter died in the accident between Mike's car and the Richards' car. Mike felt guilty for Walter's death (although the courts ruled it an accident and Mike helped Jennifer and Morgan in relocating to Springfield; although Morgan hated Mike for quite a while—she'd later forgive him in the winter of 1981, when Mike helped Morgan escape the clutches of criminal rapist, Duke Lafferty played by an actor named, Gary Phillips). Jennifer hired Kelly as Morgan's tutor, and tried to set up her daughter with Tim Werner. But it soon became apparent that sparks were flying between Kelly and Morgan (as well as Shipp and Vigard). But Nola wasn't about to sit still and let the younger Morgan take Kelly away (not that Kelly's heart belonged to Nola, either). Nola was about to think of some rather wicked plots to take Kelly away from both Hillary and Morgan. (Brown played the role with such gusto that she received more hate mail than any CBS actor since Eileen Fulton some twenty years earlier.)

Also reintroduced in the first half of 1980 was Holly's brother Andy Norris, who had become a novelist and had become interested in the intrigue of Alan Spaulding. Andy thought that Alan's story might make a great novel and a wonderful television miniseries. Although Andy didn't seem her type, Katie Parker, after not getting Dr. Mark Hamilton (Hamilton and Burton Cooper would suddenly just stop appearing on the show) to commit, became involved with Andy. Katie was also working as an assistant to Dr. Sara McIntyre, who had become a sex therapist. When Andy discovered that Katie was working for Sara, Andy dumped one woman he was involved with to become involved with Katie, and then decided to steal Katie's keys to Sara's files, copied them, and then late at night broke into Sara's files to find out all the sexual piccadillos of several Springfield residents and started blackmailing them in a disguised voice (one of Andy's many victims was Rita Stapleton Bauer after she started her affair with Alan Spaulding). (Andy would later be arrested in August 1981, when Hillary discovered what he was doing and alerted her half-brother Mike).

The woman that Andy dumped to pursue Katie was also new to the show, the darkly beautiful, but very spoiled Vanessa Chamberlain. Vanessa arrived in town shortly after her father, Henry Chamberlain, had already done so. Henry and Vanessa were very rich and were Spaulding stockholders. Upon his arrival in town, widower, Henry Chamberlain briefly dated Viola Stapleton, Rita and Eve's mother, but by this time, Viola had become tired of the stress Springfield (and her daughters) brought to her life, and moved back to her hometown of Bluefield, West Virginia, before anything could come of it. Henry would go on to date Bea Reardon for a time. The recently divorced, Vanessa had been involved with Ross Marler in their younger years, but had dumped Ross for a rich preppy boy. Vanessa tried to get reinvolved with Ross by coming over to his apartment in nothing but a fur coat, but Ross who was involved with Eve would resist Vanessa's later attempts at seduction. Vanessa also kissed Ross' younger colleague, Derek Colby as a joke, although Derek later developed unreciprocated feelings for Vanessa (Vanessa said she thought Derek was a bore), after Derek saved Vanessa's life when she attempted suicide in the fall of 1980. Between Vanessa and Nola's machinations, Guiding Light as written by Doug Marland was certainly becoming a racy and for many must-see television show.

Lucille Wexler soon found out that her housekeeper Jennifer was the long lost Jane Marie Stafford, when she paid a visit to the Springfield Arms hotel and to Jane Marie's older brother, Chet Stafford. Lucille, who had continued to drive a wedge between Ben McFarren and her "daughter", Amanda and their new marriage (including trying to still kill Ben who became increasingly more suspicious of his mother-in-law and trying to get Vanessa to seduce Ben—which backfired royally on both of them, when Ben just up and left Amanda after finding out from Vanessa that Amanda had paid Carter Bowden to show his art work—making Ben feel emasculated), became increasingly paranoid that someone would find out that Amanda wasn't her biological daughter but Jennifer and Alan's. After Lucille made anonymous threatening phone calls to Amanda (where Lucille would just hang up the phone), Lucille arrived home to find Jennifer playing the piano (and Alan and Jane Marie's favorite song, Misty by Johnny Mathis) and tried to kill Jennifer with a gold-plated letter opener, shouting, "JANE MARIE!". Jennifer quickly whirled around to find Lucille behind her about to stab her, and Jennifer started fighting with the older woman. When Amanda came home with Ross, Lucille had ended up stabbing herself, and on her deathbed at Cedars ER Lucille falsely told Amanda that Jennifer had stabbed her in cold blood. When Mike defended Jennifer of murder charges, with Ross now District Attorney and out for blood, Jennifer wouldn't offer any defense. Jennifer also refused to meet with either Alan or Jane Marie's brother, Chet. In March 1981, after Derek (who was now working for Mike) investigated and found Alan's new private investigator, Joe Bradley in Chet's hotel room, Mike decided to put Jennifer on the witness stand in her own defense while Derek brought both Alan and Chet into the courtroom. In emotional scenes (interrupted by CBS News reports of the shooting of President Ronald Reagan; the producers later showed these scenes as part of Jennifer Richards' flashbacks due to the amount of phone calls into CBS's switchboard angry with the interruption), it was revealed that Amanda was the biological daughter of both Alan and Jennifer. Amanda suffered a miscarriage (of her and Ben's baby) due to the stress of the emotions of finding out the truth (in 1997, in a major rewrite, Amanda by then played by Toby Poser learned that her father was Brandon Spaulding and Alan was her brother—a storyline move that was unpopular with many long time viewers).

Shortly after the original reveal of Amanda being Alan and Jennifer's biological daughter, Eve Stapleton started being chased around by a stalker (the suspects were many including Vanessa—who sent Eve a dead rat through the mail—and Amanda). But in the end Amanda, upon finding many of her personal items missing from the Wexler main house, discovered that her uncle Chet was the one stalking Eve when Amanda found a shrine to herself in Chet's hotel room. Fearing that something horrible was about to happen, Amanda rushed to the Wexler estate's cottage, and saw Chet pointing a gun at Eve's head. Amanda and Ben provided a distraction, and Amanda tried to talk her uncle to giving himself up, but Chet refused. After releasing Eve, Chet tried to make a run for it, but the police shot him. As Chet lay dying at Cedars, he admitted to Amanda the only reason he was stalking Eve was to protect her failing marriage to Ben, and Chet told Amanda he loved her with his dying words. A grieved Amanda returned to playing with dolls, but Ben gave her the strength again to put away the dolls, and Amanda became a very capable businesswoman working beside her "father", Alan, at Spaulding. Amanda would later grant Ben a divorce, and Ben and Eve would remarry and then leave town in November 1982.

While all of this was going on, Nola Reardon was also continuing in her pursuit of Kelly Nelson. To that end Nola used several people, and then would get herself pregnant. First she gave Morgan birth control pills, in case she wanted to take Tim to bed, knowing that would get Morgan in trouble with Jennifer. She then kept plying Tim with alcohol, despite Ed, Sara and Kelly's best effort to keep Tim clean and sober. And then she set up Tim to see Morgan and Kelly kissing, and then set Tim and Kelly against each other fighting several times. Floyd kept being a nuisance to Nola's plan, telling Nola she loved her. But Nola had an idea to use Floyd, especially when her mother, Bea, tried to have Nola see that marrying Floyd might not be the worse thing. Twice Nola plied Kelly with alcohol and put him in her bed nude. Then she went and had sex with Floyd in another room in the Boarding House, with Kelly and Floyd none the wiser. Although one time in the fall 1980, Bea and Kelly's visiting father, Dr. Frank Nelson, nearly caught Nola in the act of setting this up. She got the ever increasingly suspicious Hillary away from Kelly, by telling Kelly the falsehood that Hillary and Derek Colby were having an affair (with Kelly punching out a confused Derek and calling off his relationship with an equally confused Hillary). Nola finally found herself pregnant shortly after Christmas 1980. She told everyone that it was Kelly's child, even though Nola knew full well it was Floyd's. Hillary and Bea knew that Nola was lying, but weren't sure how to get Nola to tell the truth.

In March 1981, after Kelly and Tim saved Morgan from the clutches of criminal Duke Lafferty, Kelly and Morgan seemed to grow closer—so Nola reminded Kelly that she was pregnant with "his" child. Then a very unlikely person entered this scenario, when Vanessa started becoming closer to Ed after Rita left Springfield, Vanessa hired Joe Bradley to find Rita to make sure she stayed gone for good. Joe was staying at the Boarding House at this time, when Joe's relationship with Diane Ballard started to grow complicated as Diane and Joe tried to one-upmanship in their mutual desire to bring down Alan Spaulding and take over Spaulding Enterprises. When Vanessa visited Joe at the Boarding House she took an instant disliking to Nola (and the feelings were mutual), and Vanessa accidentally caught Nola in one of her lies about the timing of when she became pregnant, and also talking to Tim into getting drunk (which Vanessa knew from her relationship with Ed was the last thing Tim needed). Vanessa thought of Nola as nothing but a gutter snipe, and went to Hillary about her suspicions. Sure enough in a rather violent way, things were about to come to ahead. At their senior prom, Tim was bullied into drinking by some of his classmates who had no clue to Tim's alcoholic past. Tim then got angry with his date, Morgan in the drive home, when Morgan wouldn't deny that she still loved Kelly. Tim wrapped his car around a tree sending Morgan into a coma for several weeks. That's when Hillary found out from Cedars OB-GYN Dr. Margaret Sedwick that something was fishy about the timing as to when Nola became pregnant. Hillary told Bea about the discrepancy, and just before Morgan awoke from her coma, Bea confronted her daughter about who the father really was. Nola finally had to admit to Bea that she was pregnant not with Kelly's baby, but Floyd's. Unfortunately for Nola, the admission came out well Kelly, Floyd, Tim and Vanessa were all at the Boarding House. After this Kelly reamed Nola the riot act, and went and married Morgan. Tim finally realized he needed help with his drinking problem, and went to rehab. Later he would marry nurse Trudy Wilson who had pined after Tim for a long time. Around this same time, Sara married her longtime friend, Adam Thorpe, Roger Thorpe's father, and Sara, Adam, Tim and Trudy would all relocate to Oregon, in 1983.

Vanessa considered Nola the town trollop, and Floyd asked Nola to marry him. Nola was tempted to get an abortion, but Nola's older brother, Anthony "Tony" Reardon came back to town and talked Nola out of it. Nola then decided to marry Floyd, but on their wedding day, at the courthouse, instead of Nola saying yes, instead she said, "I don't", and walked away realizing she wasn't in love with Floyd and didn't want to be trapped in a loveless marriage with a man she didn't even respect. Many in Springfield wondered how Nola was going to provide for herself and her baby, and very soon the answer to that was going to be provided in a most surprising way.

Around this time August - September 1981, then Executive Producer Allan Potter made some major casting changes that didn't necessarily sit well with many viewers of the time. Besides changing the red-haired Kristen Vigard out with the blonde haired Jennifer Cooke, Potter also changed Mart Hulswit who had played Dr. Ed Bauer since 1969, with a slightly younger actor named Peter Simon. It did take a while for many viewers to relate to Simon, but eventually they did, but in the fall of 1981 it was rather jarring. It didn't help matters that at the same time Maeve Kinkead, who played Vanessa was pregnant and Potter granted Kinkead a rather generous maternity leave, until February of the next year. Kinkead was replaced temporarily with actress, Anna Stuart right while the relationship between Vanessa and Ed was heating up and Vanessa was lying many times to Ed. Vanessa as played by Stuart even did the same thing to Ed, she attempted with Ross Marler, and went over to Ed's house clothed in nothing but a fur coat.

In the fall of 1981, Doug Marland wrote a grand murder mystery revolving around two characters that would involve half the canvas of the show, and would be the introduction of two storylines involving characters who ended up being not who they seemed to be. Shortly before the fall of 1981, Ross Marler ended his relationship with Eve Stapleton McFarren, seeing how Eve was now back with Ben McFarren or at least working on their relationship. Ben also quit as the graphic artist at Spaulding Enterprises, and helped Diane Ballard find another graphic designer. The choice that Ben and Diane came up with was a woman from Milwaukee named Carrie Todd. Elliot was a popular soap opera actress that Marland had known from his days writing for ABC's General Hospital (which was the number one rated soap at that time). Elliot moved from California to New York with the promise by Marland of a fabulous storyline for the character of Carrie. Carrie was introduced to Ross, and it was love at first sight. Carrie was the total antithesis of Ross' character. Whereas Ross was very strict, even to the point of what many would say was "uptight" and didn't really relate to a healthy lifestyle; Carrie was into being carefree (or so it seemed) and led a very healthy lifestyle of eating vegetables, doing yoga and other exercises. Ross never met a woman like Carrie, and the two hit it off with Ross adopting many of Carrie's lifestyle choices (or at least trying to). Very soon Carrie and Ross moved into together, and then got engaged.

Unfortunately as is usually the case, on most soap operas, things weren't really that rosy between the two of them. Ross was let on to the secret that his brother Justin Marler and Jackie Marler, who had gotten remarried after Elizabeth Spaulding left the country, were actually the biological parents of Phillip Spaulding. Ross had also used Amanda to further his career, and Diane Ballard knew that Ross still carried a torch for the still emotionally fragile Amanda. Diane also was still after getting control of Spaulding, and started threatening not only Justin, Jackie and Ross, but also Alan (Diane had gotten from Roger Thorpe's apartment the affidavits from de Vilar, and an audiotape that Roger had made detailing his blackmailing of Alan). Diane tried to force Alan, and Ross to remove Phillip from Alan's will. Diane also was blackmailing Henry Chamberlain about the fact that he had an affair with a woman named, Stephanie Ryan before he married Vanessa's mother, and that Henry and Stephanie had a son named, Sean Ryan, that Henry had lost track of and had no idea where he was (Diane would tell Henry she knew where Sean was, whether she did or not is questionable). Diane also had tried to seduce Andy Norris before he was arrested, and while Andy was being set up by Alan and Mike Bauer to be arrested, Diane stole all of the information that Andy had in his possession including the fact that Alan and Rita had an affair, and that Vanessa had Rita's supposed new address in San Francisco (although Joe Bradley might have given Vanessa a false lead). Diane had broken things off with Joe, and she found out some unidentified information about Joe that could ruin his private investigation business. Diane would use the information against Henry and Vanessa, and also the fact that Derek Colby had expressed interest in Vanessa, to have Derek force Henry and Vanessa to sign over their stock in Spaulding to her, or Diane would go to Alan and let him know that Henry had signed a deal with Jocelyn Electronics that would benefit Henry and his daughter over Alan's family. And unbeknownst to everyone else in town, Carrie and Diane had a past, that Carrie and Diane were mortal enemies. Everything came to ahead when Alan fired Diane, and Diane threatened Alan that she'd let it be known how Alan had "bought" Phillip as his son and that Phillip wasn't really a Spaulding. Diane had also gotten access to enough stock to force Alan out of his own company. Unfortunately for Diane, before she could oust Alan, she was killed by a blow to the head when she was pushed into her fireplace mantel. (In a gruesome scene Vanessa as played by Stuart came to see Diane and found her body {or Landon Geier's body} strewn against the fireplace mantel her head bludgeoned).

Right away it was known, by the audience, that Joe had stolen all of Diane's blackmail items out of her apartment, and Joe tried to blackmail Alan in turn. Also the affair between Rita and Alan came out when the pregnant Hope Bauer Spaulding (who had overheard an argument between Alan and Henry about the affair) ran her car into a tree and gave birth prematurely to their son, Alan-Michael Spaulding. Joe, in trying to go around Mike and the police to investigate Diane's death, let it be known in flashbacks told to the audience not only was he in Diane's apartment the night she was killed, but so was Henry and Vanessa Chamberlain, Justin and Jackie Marler, and Alan Spaulding. But Joe was confused, because although he had thrown Diane against the fireplace mantel, she was still alive when he left her apartment. As Joe was leaving the crime scene he saw a mysterious woman in a beige overcoat come to Diane's roped off apartment and when Joe finally realized who the woman was (it was Carrie), it was too late. Carrie followed Joe to his hotel room in the nearby town of Clayton (he had since moved out of the Boarding House), where Joe was typing up a further blackmail note to Alan, and as would be learned later Carrie and Joe ended up in a struggle over both the blackmail information from Diane's apartment and Joe's gun. Joe would end up on the losing end of this struggle, and Mike and the police found Joe's body, face down, with a bullett through his chest (a gruesome scene replayed several times with a bloody chested Michael J. Stark, along with Diane being thrown against the fireplace mantel, yet again, by Carrie, into the end of January 1982).

Mike and the police immediately assumed that Alan was Joe's killer, and Mike followed Alan, Hope and Alan-Michael on a honeymoon trip to the island country of Tenerife, in October 1981, where some mysterious one-eyed man (the other eye had a patch over it) was trying to kill Alan, but almost killed Mike (Alan saved Mike's life, when Alan realized he couldn't let his father-in-law die) and returned to Springfield, where eventually he'd be arrested and sent to prison for his role in covering up Roger Thorpe's "death" in June 1979.

Back in Springfield, it would be learned by Ross that Carrie was the murderer of Joe and Diane, when Ross found all of Diane's blackmail information in Carrie's apartment. Ed also found out about Vanessa knowing about Rita's new address when he overheard a conversation between Vanessa and his supposedly soon-to-be brother-in-law, Derek Colby, about Vanessa letting Ed know the truth. Vanessa then mysteriously left town (Stuart also left the canvas). Carrie also mysterious disappeared only to show up in Chicago hitting up Jackie's father, Emmet, for money, so she could have parties and dance all over town. Ross followed Carrie to Chicago and brought her back to Springfield, where Ross defended Carrie in a murder trial (showing how Marland continued to not always have every character know every other character, in town, had one of the jury members be Bea Reardon). When the truth about Diane and Carrie's past in Milwaukee came to light (the short story, Diane and Carrie Anderson had worked at a firm named, Laird & Sogard, and so did the first man that Carrie married, Todd MacKenzie. When Diane found out Todd was cooking the books, she started blackmailing him. A pregnant Carrie found out, and when Todd committed suicide, Carrie blamed Diane for his death. And she gave the baby boy up for adoption). Carrie then told the court that when she went to Joe's hotel room she tried to get him to turn in the information he had to the police, but Joe refused, so they got into a struggle where Joe's gun accidentally went off and he was killed. Carrie was exonerated when the jury declared both deaths an accident. Shortly after Carrie and Ross married on Valentine's Day, 1982. Ross took Carrie to Seattle, for their honeymoon, where it turned out that Ross had a surprise for Carrie that her son with Todd was adopted by a couple named Howard and Betty Long. Carrie and Ross seemed to be finally happy, but Marland had other things in store for this couple. Ed would also find his true love (and fourth wife) when Bea's second child, Maureen Reardon came to Springfield, and after some personal struggles, Ed and Maureen (or Mo as she was called) would be married in March 1983.

Nola continued to look for work (to support her and the unborn baby that she continued to deny was Floyd's), and stay with her somewhat ditzy friend and hairdresser, Gracie Middleton. Nola tried to get a job to replace Diane Ballard, but the Spaulding Enterprises' human resources took one look at the punk hairstyle Gracie talked Nola into getting and said an affirmative "no" to Nola. But Marland would soon have Nola paired with the man who she did get employed by, as his house manager. Ultimately, Nola reformed, and had a popular romance with the mysterious archeologist Quinton "Quint" McCord. (Nola as a fan of old, classic movies, and her storyline with Quint was written to echo the film Rebecca.) Quint was later revealed to be the half-brother of the spoiled Vanessa. (Sean Ryan that Diane Ballard had blackmailed Henry over.) Quint in 1983, after he proposed to Nola and also fought off one of his archeology rivals, the evil Silas Crocker who was killed in a cave-in at Tanquir, changed his last name to Chamberlain.

Nola would give birth to a daughter named, Kelly Louise Reardon, shortly after New Year's Day 1982. Nola would try and continue to pass off the child as Kelly's, but Floyd continued to pester her about the child. Dragged into this unwittingly was Hillary Bauer and Derek Colby. Nola's brother, Tony knew Derek from high school, and wasn't particularly happy that Hillary (who Tony had taken a shine to) was engaged to Derek. So a few times, Tony roughed up Derek. Vanessa picking up on some rough patch between Hillary and Derek, and wanting to get Nola in trouble, wrote Derek a letter that Vanessa forged Nola's signature to where she detailed an affair between Hillary and Tony. Derek got mad and left town, after confronting a confused Hillary, never to be seen from again (this was the first of three unpopular cast departures, in the late spring, early summer of 1982, this one for Harley Venton). Tony confronted an equally confused Nola about the letter, at Kelly Louise's christening, in June 1982, and it all came out about the baby being Floyd's biological daughter, and not Kelly's. Nola and Quint would later change Kelly Louise's first name to Anastasia (or "Stacey" for short) for one of Nola's favorite motion picture characters, and the Louise was kept because of Katie and Floyd Parker's mother. Quint would forgive Nola, but Floyd continued to pester her, even though Floyd seemed to find some happiness with new Cedars nurse Lesley Ann Monroe, and especially after Floyd's dreams of a rock star career came to a screeching halt after, Floyd found out about Lesley Ann being pressured by new in town oil businessman Joshua "Josh" Lewis (played by Robert Newman who has held the role of Josh off and on from October 1981 to the present day in 2006) about Lesley Ann's past as a prostitute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Floyd punched out Josh.

While not focusing on the working-class Reardon family he so loved, Marland brought in a disco set, with Nola and Maureen's brother, Tony, opening up a nightclub known as "Wired For Sound", with many musical guest stars (Neil Sedaka), (Ashford & Simpson), (Bee Gees), (Bertie Higgins), (The B-52's), (Judy Collins), (and Floyd's rock group, Sour Grapes), etc. Marland also introduced some of Josh's other family, including Trish Lewis (actually shortly before he'd introduce Josh in 1981). Trish had originally been married to Andy Norris (and Andy had been very physically abusive to her; Trish helped Mike, Alan and the Springfield police capture and arrest Andy) and then in a romance with Tony Reardon, but later would be in an affair with Alan Spaulding, after Alan was released from prison, she'd also hook up for a while with Ross Marler in 1983 - 1984. Josh and Trish would talk about their father Harlan Billy Lewis I (who had found their oil company) that both Alan, and the company Josh, Amanda and Ross founded, Los Tres Amigos both wanted to have working with them, and also talked about their older brother Harlan Billy Lewis II—known as just Billy.

As it turned out, Carrie Marler's problems were due to her having a multiple personality disorder. As one of the split personalities known as Carrie Anderson (or Carrie #2 for short), Carrie seduced Josh Lewis into her bed, seduced the next door neighbor boy, Ron Kennedy to lose his virginity to her, and also put herself in bed with Justin (which both Jackie and Ross both found out about) and Carrie #2 falsely accused Justin and herself of having an affair. Carrie #1 or the original personality, Carrie Todd Marler came to, she was very confused and outraged at Ross' accusations. Things came to ahead in May 1982, when Carrie #2 came to Josh's office and screamed hysterically, at Josh that he had promised to marry her once she divorced Ross. Derek Colby overheard this, and Carrie #2 came out and kissed Derek on the cheek (which totally embarrassed Derek, especially when Ross showed up and Carrie #2 ran off; Derek had apparently felt slightly guilty about this kiss when he confronted Hillary about the letter supposedly from "Nola" about Hillary's "affair" with Tony Reardon). Josh would also have an affair with Morgan Nelson, whose modeling career Josh was funding, which would later lead to the break-up of Morgan and Kelly's marriage. Later in the month, Carrie #2 would attempt to kill Ross with a pair of sewing scissors, but luckily before Carrie #2 could do so, Carrie #1 came to, and Ross got her to go to Dr. Sara McIntyre for treatment. Unfortunately, Sara didn't know if she had enough resources to make Carrie whole, but did get a third personality, Carrie McKenzie (or Carrie #3) a childlike personality, to give her strength to Carrie #1 to help her heal, and then Carrie was sent off to England for treatment with a specialist. Carrie also called Jackie, to apologize, before she left (Jackie had gone off to stay with her father in May 1982, after "discovering" the "affair" between Justin and Carrie), and Jackie began making her way home to Justin, Phillip and their recently born (also September 1981) daughter, Samantha Marler, but Jackie would be killed in a plane crash before she could make it home.

Vanessa Chamberlain was put into an odd relationship with the lower middle class, Tony Reardon, when her friend Trish Lewis recommended Tony to help with some repairs in her apartment. Tony would break up with Vanessa, after Nola and Hillary let Tony know about Vanessa's role in getting Derek Colby to leave Hillary.

Nola and Quint would marry in a very romantic ceremony (although Nola would have to catch a ride in the back of a fire engine when she was almost late to the ceremony), and then during their honeymoon Nola and Quint were caught up in an oddly written ghost story during their honeymoon (Nola would also give birth to a son, in May 1984, the producers at the time had the audience get caught up in a baby naming contest, and the name that won was Anthony James Chamberlain. But in 1995 - 1996, when Nola and her son made a return appearance in Springfield, the name of the SORASed son was just, "J" Chamberlain).

The affair between Alan and Trish became more convoluted and when it came out during the time Browne was writing the show in the summer of 1983, it would lead to Hope Bauer Spaulding becoming an alcoholic as her uncle Ed and grandfather had been. (There were some great scenes with Elvira Russell during these episodes, but the writing was considered flat). Hope would take Alan-Michael out of town, to New York City, in November 1983 (the first of several Bauers that would soon leave the show).

Floyd Parker lost all his money and prestige as a rock star, after staying for a time in the Spaulding mansion while Alan was in prison, after punching out his manager Josh Lewis But Floyd wouldn't stop seeing Lesley Ann Monroe. Lesley Ann started to find herself attracted to Cedars Hospital administrator Warren Andrews. Warren was put into place as administrator (after Adam Thorpe, who'd previously held the position, left Springfield), by a health care organization, and immediately butted heads with Dr. Ed Bauer, the longtime Cedars chief-of-staff. Warren would even end up hiring Ed's wife, Maureen, as the vice administrator, after the writers decided to have Maureen miscarry their child (a child Ed at first said to Kelly he felt too old to have). Also Hillary and Katie went very underused as characters.

But probably the most bizarre storyline revolved around the mystery of the men that Marland had set up to kill Alan back in the fall of 1981. The whole mystery seemed to revolve around a man named, Samuel Pasquin, who would turn out to be really Spaulding employee, Mark Evans who got Jennifer Richards to marry him, but then had an affair with her and Alan's daughter, Amanda Spaulding. In the end, in April and May 1983, this storyline would be convoluted to the point of dragging in both Nola Reardon and Quinton Chamberlain. Mark would end up falling to his death taking psychotic ex-lover Mona Enright aka Rebecca Cartwright along with him, as she was about to kill both Amanda and her ex-lover Quint.

A new storyline was introduced that used the returning Bill Bauer (for about a week) and Tony finding some mysterious film in a camera that his father owned. This storyline would introduce to the canvas both H.B. and Billy Lewis, as the mystery of a certain picture developed by Tony deepened. Tony met the love of his life during this story, English professor, Annabelle Sims. But Annabelle's father, navy man, Eli Sims was another matter. For the whole storyline focused on the fact that Eli had not only killed his wife and therefore Annabelle's mother, Annie (Kozak in a dual role), back in 1963, but had also killed Tom Reardon (Gregory Beecroft in a dual role) when he caught not only Tom, but also H.B., Henry Chamberlain, Bill Bauer(not long before he moved to Springfield) and Alan's father, Brandon Spaulding (played in these flashbacks by John Wardell), carrying on with Annie during a fishing expedition just outside of Springfield. After Eli was caught, with him almost blowing up half the town (or at least half of the show's canvas of characters), with Ross Marler saving everyone, the mystery of Tom's disappearance and death was cleared up. For a while Bea was mad at Henry for keeping the mystery a secret, but later forgave him. And the Reardons welcomed Annabelle into their family, with Tony and Annabelle marrying in May 1984.

Warren and Lesley Ann would also marry in the spring 1984, but only after a jealous Floyd told Warren all about Lesley Ann's past and Lesley Ann nearly committed suicide, but Katie and Floyd stopped her from doing so.

Despite the meandering and convoluted plots in the calendar year, 1983, the casting of the show was excellent, and before Allen Potter was forced out as Executive Producer, in the middle of 1983, and replaced by Gail Kobe the characters of Rick Bauer (Ed and Leslie Jackson Bauer's son) and Phillip Spaulding were SORASed (another name for Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) reintroduced as older teenagers, and brought on were the character of Beth Raines and a more prominent role for the Lewises. The decision to feature the Lewises came as a result of the primetime show, Dallas and the cancellation of Procter & Gamble's soap, Texas The show introduced Billy's vivacious daughter, Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis. Beth was living in an abusive situation with her stepfather, Bradley Raines and with her mother Cedars nurse, Lillian Raines. Phillip, Rick, Mindy and Beth would go through high school together, and then college. They would affectionally be known as the Four Musketeers. Bradley though, with Mindy's unwitting help, would find out the truth about Phillip's birth and tell him before Alan and Justin had a chance too, and for a while Phillip refused to accept both men back in his life. He'd forgive Justin before the end of 1983, but not Alan. Beth would also be raped by Bradley, which would halt the romance building between Phillip and Beth.

In 1983, the show focused on Rick Bauer, Phillip Spaulding, Mindy Lewis and Beth Raines, with Phillip and Beth running away to New York City to escape the dangerous Bradley (who would end up in prison for the rape), Beth and Phillip & then Rick and Mindy nearly became separate married couples (until Billy found out that Mindy was pregnant with Phillip's child and Billy forced Mindy and Phillip to marry. Mindy shortly after miscarried the child and both Phillip and Mindy, divorced and then tried to get back to their first loves, Beth and Rick, but both of them had since moved on).

Trish was gradually phased out and the character and actress left in 1985, with occasional visits afterwards. Josh went from a cad to a brooding young hero. Billy "tamed" Vanessa and in retaliation, and in jealousy Alan brought Billy's ex-wife Reva to town to break them up. Reva soon fell back into the arms of her true love Josh ("Bud"), but along the way managed to marry or sleep with a variety of men, including Josh's own father! (Zimmer would win the first of three, Daytime Emmy awards for her portrayal of Reva, in May 1984).

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