Gruesome Gorilla

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Clyde Rabbit - G - Gruesome Gorilla
... Gruesome Gorilla is a large, beastly gorilla that appears in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons ... Gruesome was first used in the short Gorilla My Dreams ... All of Gruesome Gorilla's cartoons dealt with Bugs Bunny ...
List Of Astro Boy Characters - Major Characters
... Gorilla is the English language version's name for Tezuka's actor named Rommel ... He was last seen crying while Astro Boy heads for the hotel to find Gorilla Gruesome ... See Jeffbert's review ofSatellite R-45 Gorilla Gruesome - One of the space pirates who attacked other ships and steal stuff from them ...

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    For a tired man who just found a gorilla in his bed, I think I’m behaving very well.
    —Ruth Rose. Ernest B. Schoedsack. Mr. Young (Regis Toomey)