Greenhouse and Icehouse Earth

Greenhouse And Icehouse Earth

Over the geological History of the Earth the planet's climate has been fluctuating between two dominant states: the Greenhouse and the Icehouse. These two climate sets generally last for long periods of time (many millions of years) and should not be confused with glacial and interglacial periods, which only occur during an Icehouse period and tend to last less than 1 million years. The Earth's climate is on a continuing, uneven cycle between the two states, the main factors involved in these changes in paleoclimate are believed to be the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, changes in the Earth's orbit, and oceanic and orogenic changes due to tectonic plate dynamics. Greenhouse and Icehouse periods have profoundly shaped the evolution of life on Earth.

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Greenhouse And Icehouse Earth - The Present Day
... Currently, we are in an icehouse climate state ... About 34 million years ago, we started our icehouse state, as ice sheets began to form in Antarctica the ice sheets in the Arctic didn’t start ... Some processes that may have led to our current icehouse may be connected to the development of the Himalayan Mountains and the opening of the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica ...

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