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Anachronisms In The Book Of Mormon - Linguistic Anachronisms - Greek Names
... Joseph Smith stated in a letter to the editor of Times and Seasons, "There was no Greek or Latin upon the plates from which I, through the grace of the Lord, translated the Book of Mormon ... Others Greek names are non-biblical and their presence in the book is puzzling to both believers and skeptics, since neither Smith nor the Nephites spoke Greek ... in the Book of Mormon, it could have consisted of Phoenician, Greek, or Arabic ...
Greek Given Names
... Greek given names can be derived from the Greco-Roman gods, along with Ancient Greek traditions, or from the Byzantine Empire as well as the Old and the New Testament and early Christian traditions ... Male names usually end in -ας, -ης, and -ος, but sometimes ancient forms are also used ... Female names almost always end in -α and -η, though a few end in -ώ with -ου being possible ...
Greek Alphabet - History - Letter Names
... When the Greeks adapted the Phoenician alphabet, they took over not only the letter shapes and sound values, but also the names by which the sequence of the alphabet could be recited and memorized ... In Phoenician, each letter name was a word that began with the sound represented by that letter thus ʾaleph, the word for "ox", was used as the name for the glottal stop /ʔ/, bet ... When the letters were adopted by the Greeks, most of the Phoenician names were maintained or modified slightly to fit Greek phonology thus, ʾaleph, bet ...
Ancient Macedonian Language - Onomastics - Anthroponymy
... M ... Hatzopoulos summarizes the Macedonian anthroponymy (that is names borne by people from Macedonia before the expansion beyond the Axius or people undoubtedly hailing from this area after the expansion) as follows Epichoric Greek names that either differ from the phonology of the introduced Attic or that remained almost confined to Macedonians throughout antiquity Panhellenic Greek names Identifiable non-Greek (Thracian, Illyrian and "native" – that is names generally confined to Macedonian territory that aren't identified with any language, Greek or not) names Names without a clear Greek etymology that can't however be ascribed to any identifiable non-Greek linguistic group ...

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    The names of those who in their lives fought for life,
    Who wore at their hearts the fire’s centre.
    Born of the sun they traveled a short while towards the sun,
    And left the vivid air signed with their honour.
    Stephen Spender (1909–1995)

    In the Greek cities, it was reckoned profane, that any person should pretend a property in a work of art, which belonged to all who could behold it.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)