Greater Palatine

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Foramina Of Skull - List of Foramina and The Structures That Pass Through Them
... canals sphenopalatine artery nasopalatine nerve(V2) palatine - greater palatine foramen greater palatine artery greater palatine vein greater palatine nerve palatine and maxilla - lesser palatine ...
Greater Palatine Canal - Structure
... The greater palatine canal starts on the inferior aspect of the pterygopalatine fossa ... It goes through the sphenoid and palatine bones to reach the palate, ending at the greater palatine foramen ... accessory canals branch off these are known as the lesser palatine canals ...
Greater Palatine Canal
... The greater palatine canal (or pterygopalatine canal) is a passage in the skull that transmits the greater palatine artery, vein, and nerve between the pterygopalatine fossa and the oral cavity ...

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