Greater Armenia (political Concept)

Greater Armenia (political Concept)

Greater Armenia or United Armenia (Western Armenian: Միացեալ Հայաստան; Eastern Armenian: Միացյալ Հայաստան Miatsyal Hayastan) refers to an irredentist concept of the territory outside the Republic of Armenia which are considered part of national homeland by Armenians, based on the present-day and/or historical Armenian presence claimed by some Armenian nationalist groups, most notably the Armenian Revolutionary Federation

This term should not be confused with the historical concept of Greater Armenia, which was used to designate the largest of several Armenian states which existed in ancient times, and contrast it with Lesser Armenia.

The term usually incorporates claims to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), as well as eastern Turkey (Western Armenia), northwestern Azerbaijan (Northern Artsakh), landlocked exclave Nakhichevan of Azerbaijan and Javakhk (Javakheti) region of Georgia.

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