GraphicConverter is computer software that displays and edits Raster graphics files. It also converts files between different formats. For example, one can convert a GIF file to a JPEG file.

The program has a long history of supporting the Apple Macintosh platform, and at times it has been bundled with new Mac purchases.

As of 2012, GraphicConverter can import about 200 file types and export 80. Images can also be retouched, edited, and transformed using tools, effects and filters. The software supports most Adobe Photoshop plug-ins, including TWAIN. The application features a batch processor, slideshow mode, image preview browser, and access to metadata comments (such as XMP, Exif, and IPTC).

GraphicConverter is shareware that runs on both the classic Mac OS and Mac OS X and is maintained by German-based LemkeSoft. GraphicConverter is available in a dozen languages including English, French, German and Spanish.