Grand Duchy of Posen

The Grand Duchy of Posen (German: Großherzogtum Posen; Polish: Wielkie Księstwo Poznańskie), was part of the Kingdom of Prussia, created from territories annexed by Prussia after the Partitions of Poland, and formally established following the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. Per agreements derived at the Congress of Vienna it was to have some autonomy. However in reality it was subordinated to Prussia and the proclaimed rights for Polish subjects were not fully implemented. The name was unofficially used afterward for denoting the territory, especially by Poles, and today is used by modern historians to describe different political entities until 1918. Its capital was Posen (Polish: Poznań). The Grand Duchy was formally replaced by the Province of Posen in the Prussian constitution of 5 December 1848.

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Grand Duchy Of Posen - Notable People
... in alphabetical order) (see also Notable people of Province of Posen) Hipolit Cegielski (1815–1868), Polish businessman, social and cultural activist Dezydery Chłapowski (1788–1879), Polish general ... Flotwell (1786–1865), Prussian politician, over-president of the Grand Duchy of Poznań Karl Andreas Wilhelm Freymark (1785–1855), titled bishop, first general superintendent of the ...
Territorial Evolution Of Poland - 1815 - Grand Duchy of Posen
... The Grand Duchy of Posen was a region in the Kingdom of Prussia in the Polish lands commonly known as "Greater Poland" between the years 1815–1848 ... Its capital was Posen (Polish Poznań) ...

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