Grampus may refer to:

  • A common name historically used for the orca
  • Grampus (genus), the genus that includes Risso's dolphin as its only species
  • CSS Grampus, a Confederate river steamer
  • USS Grampus, the name of a number of ships of the United States Navy
  • HMS Grampus, the name of a number of Royal Navy ships and submarines
  • the Grampus class submarines, built in the style of HMS Grampus
  • Grampus (TUGS) a character from the children's series TUGS
  • Nagoya Grampus, a Japanese soccer club
  • A versatile attack, reconnaissance and research sub used by the Blue Fleet in the anime series Blue Submarine No. 6
  • Another name for the hellbender salamander

Other articles related to "grampus":

HMS Grampus (S04)
... HMS Grampus (S04) was a Porpoise-class submarine ... On 1 April 1963, Grampus returned to Gosport after spending three weeks under the polar icecap looking for holes in the ice ... On 11 January 1968, the French trawler Fomalhaut caught Grampus in her nets in the English Channel ...
Nagoya Grampus Eight - History - J. League Era
... In 1996, Arsene Wenger led Grampus to the 1996 Emperor's Cup and a runners-up finish in the J.League, the club's best ever finish ... The team's name "Nagoya Grampus Eight" was changed to just "Nagoya Grampus" at the start of the 2008 season ...
Alice Through The Needle's Eye - Plot - IV: Autobiography of A Grampus
... Luckily, not everyone had vanished and Alice was left with both the Grampus and the Italian Hairdresser ... The grampus promptly inquires if her name is "Boris" ... Soon after, after a short while of discussion, the Grampus realizes that he has indeed written down the wrong name within his autobiography ...
List Of Recurring Tugs Characters - Star Fleet - Grampus
... Grampus is a small submarine, that formerly worked for the Navy ... Grampus thus likes to blow water in the tug's faces, notably Bluenose ... According to model maker Jeremy King, Grampus was modeled after Grampus-class submarines ...

Famous quotes containing the word grampus:

    The strongest wind cannot stagger a Spirit; it is a Spirit’s breath. A just man’s purpose cannot be split on any Grampus or material rock, but itself will split rocks till it succeeds.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)