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Common City Officials

Regardless of form of government, within each city are many common officials, either elected or appointed:

  • The Mayor serves as head of state for the city, may either be a ceremonial official or the chief executive officer of the city depending on the city
  • The City Manager serves as chief administrative officer of the city in which Mayor is a ceremonial officer
  • The City Clerk serves as the Secretary of the Council and keeps the journal of the proceedings of the Council. The Clerk enroll all ordinances and resolutions passed by the Council and has custody of all city documents, records, and archives, as well as the town seal. It is the duty of the Clerk to attest and affix the seal of the town to all official city documents.
  • The City Treasurer maintains accounts and books of the city to show where and from what source all monies paid to him have been derived and to whom and when any monies have been paid. The Treasurer deposits the daily funds received for the city in depositories as the Council designates.
  • The City Marshal, officially known as the City Chief of Police, enforces all municipal ordinances and supervises all city police officers.
  • The City Attorney heads the Legal Department and handles all legal matters of the city.
  • The City Street Commissioner heads the Street Department which is responsible for general supervision over maintenance and repair of public streets in the city.
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