Gorda may refer to:

  • Gorda, California, United States, a small town on the Pacific Ocean
  • Gorda Plate, a tectonic plate located beneath the Pacific Ocean near northern California
  • Cayo Gorda, a small island of Honduras in Caribbean Sea
  • Gorda, fat in Spanish and Portuguese

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Rambla Of Montevideo - Denomination - Punta Gorda
... Rambla O'Higgins continues into the barrio of Punta Gorda and ends where a secondary street splits from the main traffic avenue to go arount the promonrory of Punta Gorda, while the main traffic continues on Coimbra ... the secondary street that goes around the promontory of Punta Gorda and continues as the main coastal avenue after it, crossing into the barrio of Carrasco ...
Gorda, California - Gas Prices
... As of April 26, 2008, Gorda had the highest gas prices in the United States at $6.70 per gallon ...
Anta Gorda - Emancipation
... became a municipality in 1915, Anta Gorda was moved to its territory, as its second district ... problems occurred in 1936, Anta Gorda was once the seat of county for two months ... Anta Gorda became a municipality on December 26, 1963, according to Law No ...
Sierra Gorda, Chile
... Sierra Gorda is a Chilean commune in Antofagasta Province, Antofagasta Region ... The two main settlements are the villages of Sierra Gorda (pop ... Due to the mining business, Sierra Gorda has the eighth highest average household income in the country (PPP US$34,842 in 2006) ...
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