Gold Foil

  • (noun): Foil made of gold.

Some articles on foil, gold foil, gold:

Baseball Card - Modern Card History - Since 1981
... Deck introduced several innovative production methods including tamper-proof foil packaging, hologram-style logos, and higher quality card stock. 1992 was the beginning of the collectors' chase for "gold foil," which was commonly stamped on the limited edition "insert" cards ... examples from 1992's "insert" craze include Donruss Diamond Kings, which included gold-foil accents for the first time ever, and Fleer's host of gold foil-accented "ins ...
Tanjore Painting - Technique
... Gold foil is pasted on top of this ... High-quality gold foil is used to ensure that the paintings last generations ... In the classic finish, bold colors and striking backgrounds are combined with high-glitter gold foil, while in the antique style, the gold's glitter is more sober, with more ...
Charon's Obol - Archaeological Evidence - 'Ghost' Coins and Crosses
... are impressions of an actual coin or numismatic icon struck into a small piece of gold foil ... In a 5th- or 4th-century BC grave at Syracuse, Sicily, a small rectangular gold leaf stamped with a dual-faced figure, possibly Demeter/Kore, was found in the skeleton’s mouth ... box from the mid-2nd century BC, the "Charon's piece" took the form of a bit of gold foil stamped with an owl in addition to the charred bone fragments, the box ...
Chipotle Mexican Grill - Advertising and Publicity
... the company began wrapping its burritos in gold foil as part of a larger promotion to draw attention to its Food With Integrity mantra ... Also as part of the gold foil campaign, Chipotle is offering prizes for customer-created pictures of items wrapped in gold foil ... Amy Sedaris to create a comedic how-to video on wrapping with gold foil, and spread the video using Twitter ...

Famous quotes containing the words foil and/or gold:

    You have waited, you always wait, you dumb, beautiful ministers,
    We receive you with free sense at last, and are insatiate
    Not you any more shall be able to foil us, or withhold yourselves
    from us,
    We use you, and do not cast you aside—we plant you permanently within us,
    We fathom you not—we love you—there is perfection in you also,
    You furnish your parts, toward eternity,
    Great or small, you furnish your parts toward the soul.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    ‘Tis not the balm, the sceptre, and the ball,
    The sword, the mace, the crown imperial,
    The intertissued robe of gold and pearl,
    Not all these, laid in bed majestical,
    Can sleep so soundly as the wretched slave
    Who with a body filled and vacant mind
    Gets him to rest, crammed with distressful bread.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)