GML may refer to:

  • Middle Low German (ISO 639-3 code), a language used around the North Sea and the Baltic Sea from 1100 to 1600
  • Gostomel Airport (IATA code), an international cargo airport, near Kiev, Ukraine
  • Gradient Multi-Layer nano-film
  • Graphical Motion Language

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Gladiator-At-Law - Plot Summary
... The city proper consists of luxurious GML bubble homes which can change shape at the whim of their occupants, and anticipate their every need ... by one of the secretaries who is keen to marry a man with a job whose benefits include a GML home ... the initial effort at obtaining records from GML result in Norma Lavin being kidnapped ...
Gladiator-At-Law - Plot Introduction
... living in a luxurious automated "bubble home" constructed by "GML", a corporation which is nominally public but whose shares are never traded openly ... All work contracts include GML housing as part of the pay scale ... for a second-rank corporation who is thrown out of his job, and his GML home, a victim of office politics ...
Gladiator-At-Law - The GML House
... A GML House is an invention, a "machine for living in" that brings together the "high technology" of the 1950s, these being plastics, electronics and cybernetics ... The operation was taken over by a man named Moffat (the "M" in GML) who masterminded an operation which leased the houses to large companies to house their workers ... began to include shares in the client companies, so that GML came to own major interests in almost every company in the world, giving it effective control ...
Kainourgia Ego - Track Listing
... Thirio)" (Καινούργια εγώ A New Me) GML, Thirio (Giorgos Drakoulias) Nikos Antipas 340 2 ... "S'agapo Se Miso" (Σ' αγαπώ, σε μισώ I Love You, I Hate You) GML Nikos Antipas 344 5 ... καλύτερα Better in Hell) GML Nikos Antipas 252 8 ...
George Massenburg - GML
... In 1982, Massenburg founded GML, Inc ... They have recently introduced the GML 2032 Mic Pre and Parametric EQ, which have been in development for twenty years, along with the GML Automation System ... GML also consults and does independent design for several major audio electronics manufacturers ...