Glider Infantry

Glider infantry (also referred to as Airlanding infantry esp. in British usage) was a type of airborne infantry in which soldiers and their equipment were inserted into enemy controlled territory via military glider rather than parachute. Initially developed in the late 1930s by Germany, glider infantry units were used extensively during World War II but are no longer used by any modern military.

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327th Infantry Regiment (United States) - Lineage
... Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 327th Infantry and assigned to the 82d Division Organized 17 September 1917 at Camp Gordon, at Augusta, Georgia ... Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 327th Infantry and assigned to the 82d Division Organized in December 1921 with Headquarters at Greenville, South Carolina ... and redesignated 15 August 1942 as the 327th Glider Infantry concurrently relieved from assignment to the 82d Division and assigned to the 101st Airborne Division (3d Battalion ...
Glider Infantry - Later History - Post War
... Glider infantry did not survive long after the close of World War II ... The German glider infantry units were disbanded ... Army Glider Infantry School was closed in 1948 and remaining glider units were eventually converted into parachute infantry ...
11th Airborne Division (United States) - World War II - Luzon
... Five days later the 187th and 188th Glider Infantry Regiments were embarked for Luzon by sea, while the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment flew by C-46 Commando transport aircraft ... At midnight the 187th took over the lead and the two glider infantry regiments rested briefly before tackling the main Japanese defensive lines ... linked to bunkers and fortified caves, and were manned by several hundred infantry with numerous artillery pieces in support ...