The Glauberg is a Celtic oppidum in Hesse, Germany consisting of a fortified settlement and several burial mounds, "a princely seat of the late Hallstatt and early La Tène periods."Archaeological discoveries in the 1990s place the site among the most important early Celtic centres in Europe. It provides unprecedented evidence on Celtic burial, sculpture and monumental architecture.

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Glauberg - Archaeological Park and Museum
... Construction for the museum started in 2007, with completion originally projected for 2009 ... It opened on May 5, 2011 ...
Glauburg - History
... Documented Stockheim first appears 1198 Glauberg is mentioned in the year 802 the first time ... important cultural landscape and is situated at the foot of Glauberg that the new town was also the name ... The fortifications on the Glauberg have long been known ...