Gina Patrick - Character Development

Character Development

Gina was characterised as a "eco warrior". Her style of clothing was casual wear and hooded sweat shirts. Gina was originally described to Brent as being a tomboy who liked wearing combats. Gina also takes on "major roles" in college politics and is described as a "memorable" contributor to the serial's fictional magazine The Review.

Gina was involved in a storyline in which she came out as a lesbian. She later begins a relationship with Emily Taylor (Lorna Pegler). Producers did not inform either actress about the storyline to begin with, however, told them they had "saucy" plans for their characters. Brent said she was "fine" with the storyline when she found out. Pegler said she was happy that the storyline showed there is nothing "unnatural" about same sex relationships. Brent said she played their relationship like any other, featuring "the laughs, the rows and so on." Brent and Pegler planned their characters first kiss two months in advance, in order to find out the best way to "tackle" the plot. Gina and Emily have completely different personalities, though they "share a passion for animal welfare." The storyline proved successful with viewers and increased general interest for Hollyoaks. Though some viewers became so involved with the storyline, they assumed Brent and Pegler were in a relationship outside of their characters. When Gina comes out to her family, her brother Sol Patrick (Paul Danan) does not take the news well. Danan said Sol is angry and hurt and "feels she has kept her sexuality a secret from him for years."

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