Gilson Butte - Pershing II

Pershing II

Pershing II test flight, February 1983
Type Surface-to-surface guided missile
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1983–1991
Used by USA
Production history
Designer Martin Marietta
Designed 1973–1981
Manufacturer Martin Marietta
Produced 1981–1989
Number built 276 missiles
Variants Pershing IB (not deployed)
Weight 7,490 kilograms (16,513 lb)
Length 10.6 metres (34.8 ft)
Diameter 1.02 metres (3.3 ft)

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... The NATO allies had finally approved the Pershing II plan ... immediately upon his arrival, it became Wetzel's job to receive and deploy the Pershing II missiles, and this in the midst of anti-war demonstrations all over Europe ... Russian leaders) credit the deployment of the Pershing II missiles as one of three key factors that broke the Soviets' back and ended the Cold War (the other two factors being the Reagan ...
... (a nuclear bunker buster), intended for use on the Pershing II IRBM missile ... The W86 design was canceled in September 1980 when the Pershing II missile mission shifted from destroying hardened targets to targeting soft targets ... warhead, which had been developed in parallel with the W86, was used for all production Pershing II missiles ...
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