Gilson Butte - Pershing IA

Pershing IA

MGM-31A Pershing IA
Type Surface-to-surface missile
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1969–1991
Used by
  • USA
  • United States Army 108 launchers
  • West Germany
  • German Air Force 72 launchers
Production history
Designer The Martin Company
Designed 1965–1969
Manufacturer The Martin Company
Produced 1969
Number built 754 missiles (including Pershing I)
Weight 4,655 kilograms (10,263 lb)
Length 10.5 metres (34.4 ft)
Diameter 1.02 metres (3.3 ft)

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... The first female mechanical repairer (46N, Ordnance Branch) graduated from the Pershing course at Redstone Arsenal in 1974 ... The first female enlisted Pershing missile crewmembers (15E, Field Artillery) graduated in 1978, as did the first female Field Artillery officer ...
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