Gilbert Gifford

Gilbert Gifford (1560–1590) was a double agent who worked for Sir Francis Walsingham and played a role in the uncovering of the Babington Plot. Shortly before his death in Paris, he was ordained as a Catholic priest in Rheims. His true allegiances - whether to Queen Elizabeth I or to Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Catholic cause - are unclear.

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Thomas Morgan (of Llantarnam) - Babington Plot
... In 1585 Gilbert Gifford arrived in Paris for a meeting with Morgan and Charles Paget who sent him to England ... It appears that Walsingham's persuasive techniques were enough to convince Gifford to spy for him and intercept the letters from Mary, Queen of Scots which ultimately brought about her ... Gifford even told how Walsingham's chief decipherer, Phelippes ‘could take off Morgan to the life’ ...
Gilbert Gifford - Assessment
... While Gifford is universally acknowledged as a double agent, his ultimate loyalties are often perceived to be in favour of Walsingham and Queen Elizabeth, rather than Mary, Queen of Scots ... The English ambassador in Paris, Sir Edward Stafford went through Gifford's papers after his arrest in 1587 and concluded that "He had showed himself to be the most notable double, treble villain that ever lived ...

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