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Land Of The Giants - Series Setting
... may contain original research Very little is known about the home planet of the Giants ... because the Spindrift crew very seldom leaves the "City of the Giants" where their spaceship crashed in the pilot ... Only two other giant societies are ever seen, in the episodes "The Land of the Lost" and "Secret City of Limbo" ...
Extrasolar Planet - General Properties - Number of Stars With Planets
... Planet-search programs have discovered planets orbiting a substantial fraction of the stars they have looked at ... However the overall proportion of stars with planets is uncertain because not all planets can yet be detected ... for the vast majority of detections) are most sensitive to large planets in small orbits ...
List Of Transformers Planets - Planet X
... Planet X was first seen in a recording found by the human Lori and the Velocitronian leader, Override, after the latter's battle with Scourge on Giant Planet ... Later, it would be revealed that Planet X was the dominant force in the alternate universe that Giant Planet had been drawn into ... in an attempt to rectify the problem, its denizens sought out another life-rich planet to subjugate ...
List Of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes - Third Story Arc: Episodes 28-40
... Vector Prime realized that the signal was emitted by the Omega Lock when the third Cyber Planet Key was placed in ... that seemingly begins to tear apart the planet! But when they retreat back to Cybertron's moons, they discover the planet was really transforming ... time, the Transformers' lord, Primus 33 "Balance" The true form of Planet Cybertron is revealed as the planet-sized Transformer, Primus used as the device ...
Galvatron - Unicron Trilogy - Animated Series - Transformers: Cybertron
... Prime, and stealing a holographic map containing locations of the Cyber Planet Keys that could be used to seal the Black Hole ... schemed to used the power of the world-shaping Cyber Planet Keys and their focal Omega Lock to accelerate the universal degeneration created by the ... the resting place of the first Cyber Planet Key on Velocitron, the Speed Planet ...

Famous quotes containing the words planet and/or giant:

    After the planet becomes theirs, many millions of years will have to pass before a beetle particularly loved by God, at the end of its calculations will find written on a sheet of paper in letters of fire that energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. The new kings of the world will live tranquilly for a long time, confining themselves to devouring each other and being parasites among each other on a cottage industry scale.
    Primo Levi (1919–1987)

    The sense of death is most in apprehension,
    And the poor beetle that we tread upon
    In corporal sufferance finds a pang as great
    As when a giant dies.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)