Ghost Marriage (Chinese)

Ghost Marriage (Chinese)

In Chinese tradition, a ghost marriage (Chinese: 冥婚; pinyin: mínghūn; literally "spirit marriage") is a marriage in which one or both parties are deceased. Other forms of ghost marriage are practiced worldwide, from Sudan, to India, to France since 1959 (see Levirate marriage, ghost marriage in Sudan, posthumous marriage). The origins of Chinese ghost marriage are largely unknown, and reports of it being practiced today can still be found.

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Ghost Marriage (Chinese) - Arrangement - Portrayal in Fiction
... dies at 16 and is later the bride in a ghostmarriage to a poet she fell in love with during life ... Bride in the River," a woman is murdered and has her bones sold for a ghostmarriage ritual ... a Trace, titled "Devotion," a young woman was kidnapped and set to be poisoned and ghostmarried by the traditional Chineseparents of her late ex-fiance ...

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