Ghost King

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Transitions (novel Series) - The Ghost King
... The Ghost King Author(s) R ... Pages 352 ISBN ISBN 978-0-7869-5233-5 Preceded by The Pirate King Released October 6, 2009 ... In The Ghost King, when the Spellplague ravages Faerûn, old friends and foes alike are caught in the chaos ...
List Of Forgotten Realms Characters - C - Cadderly Bonaduce - History
... killing nearly all of the assassin band, including an assassin named Ghost who would possess his victims using a powerful and evil magical device known as the Ghearufu ... In so doing they freed from Ghost's possession a Firbolg named Vander who joined with them to exact vengeance and lead them to Castle Trinity ... of Mystra's Weave, the joining of Yharashrik, Hephaestus, and the liches of Crenshinibon into the Ghost King dracolich occurred ...

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    The pencil of the Holy Ghost hath laboured more in describing the afflictions of Job than the felicities of Solomon.
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)