George Combe

George Combe (21 October 1788 – 14 August 1858), was a Scottish lawyer and writer on phrenology and education. In later years, he devoted himself to the promotion of phrenology and founded the Edinburgh Phrenological Society in 1820. Combe's major work was The Constitution of Man (1828).

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George Combe - Bibliography
... Combe, Edinburgh, MacLachlan Stewart, 1838 Phrenology Applied to Painting and Sculpture, London Simpkin, Marshall Co ...
Phrenologists - History
... George Combe would become the main promoter of phrenology throughout the English speaking world after he viewed a brain dissection by Spurzheim's, convincing him of phrenology's merits ... Combe created a system of philosophy of the human mind that became popular with the masses because of its simplified principles and wide range of social applications that were in harmony with the liberal Victorian ... George Combe's book On the Constitution of Man and its Relationship to External Objects sold over 000 ... copies through nine editions ...