General Skarr

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List Of Evil Con Carne Episodes - Episodes - Season 1 (2003–04)
... Skarr reprograms them to be loyal to him and creates a robot version of himself as the second in command ... to capture the others and through them in the dungeon before the Skarr-bot decides to mutiny and replace Skarr ... Hector's brain into anyone's body, and Skarr becomes that body ...
Mogar - Recurring Characters - General Skarr
... General Skarr first appeared in the show Evil Con Carne, where he was Hector Con Carne's paramilitary commander ... Whilst he is no longer a member of Evil Con Carne, Skarr has many weapons and mementos from his past which he stores in his private study ... In one episode Hector and Ghastly reteam with Skarr who agrees to help them, but goes totally bonkers when they destroy his garden and show no respect for it ...

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