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The Borderland Of Sol - Plot Summary
... one point he planted a bomb on Bey's alien-provided General Products' #2 hull to prevent him from stealing it and potentially causing a sticky diplomatic incident ... warship built out of a nearly invulnerable General Products' #2 hull, capable of 30G of acceleration, armed with guided missiles, an x-ray laser and ... able to do it - gravity is one of the few forces that can penetrate a General Products starship hull ...
At The Core (Larry Niven Story) - Plot Summary
... this time by the Regional President of General Products on Jinx, who offers him a chance to guide a cramped (but very fast) experimental ship to the center of the galaxy as a promotional stunt ... The Long Shot is built into the hull of a Number 4 General Products hull, a transparent sphere a thousand-odd feet in diameter ... The cost, according to the Regional President of General Products on Jinx, was 7 billion stars ...
Database Type Examples
... Some exist as specialized DBMS products, and some have their functionality types incorporated in existing general-purpose DBMSs ... More and more such database products are emerging, both of new vendors and by virtually all established database vendors ... sales data might be aggregated to weekly totals and converted from internal product codes to use UPCs so that they can be compared with ACNielsen data ...
Toshio Okada - Biography - University, Daicon Film and General Products
... make a business out of selling SciFi products because he made a large profit selling Garage kits and videos of opening animations at this convention ... On February 14, 1982, he opened "General Products" as a part of his parents company to sell SF Goods in Osaka ... money from his parents and got permission to use term of general products from Larry Niven ...

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    Isn’t it odd that networks accept billions of dollars from advertisers to teach people to use products and then proclaim that children aren’t learning about violence from their steady diet of it on television!
    Toni Liebman (20th century)

    What journeyings on foot and on horseback through the wilderness, to preach the gospel to these minks and muskrats! who first, no doubt, listened with their red ears out of a natural hospitality and courtesy, and afterward from curiosity or even interest, till at length there “were praying Indians,” and, as the General Court wrote to Cromwell, the “work is brought to this perfection that some of the Indians themselves can pray and prophesy in a comfortable manner.”
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)