Gender Differences

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Sex And Psychology - Personality Tests
... Cross-cultural research has shown gender differences on the domains and facets of the Big Five personality traits ... Gender differences in personality traits are largest in prosperous, healthy, and egalitarian cultures in which women have more opportunities that are equal to those of men ... Differences in the magnitude of sex differences between more or less developed world regions were due to differences between men not women in these respective ...
Language And Gender - Studies of Language and Gender
... and "weak" directives, among others (see also Speech practices associated with gender, below) ... the "deficit approach," since they posit that one gender is deficient in terms of the other ... and gendered opportunity, lexical and phonological differences, and the idea of genderlects and gender roles influence language ...
Male–female Income Disparity In The United States - Sources of The Gender Gap - Gender Differences in Perceived Pay Entitlement
... According to Serge Desmarais and James Curtis, the "gender gap in pay is related to gender differences in perceptions of pay entitlement." Similarly, Major et al ... argue that gender differences in pay expectations play a role in perpetuating non-performance related pay differences between women and men ... However, gender-related status manipulation has no impact on men's elevated wage entitlement ...
Small Talk - Gender Differences
... By contrast, men's small talk tends to be more competitive ... It may feature verbal sparring matches, playful insults, and putdowns ...

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    The country is fed up with children and their problems. For the first time in history, the differences in outlook between people raising children and those who are not are beginning to assume some political significance. This difference is already a part of the conflicts in local school politics. It may spread to other levels of government. Society has less time for the concerns of those who raise the young or try to teach them.
    Joseph Featherstone (20th century)

    ... lynching was ... a woman’s issue: it had as much to do with ideas of gender as it had with race.
    Paula Giddings (b. 1948)