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Charles De Gaulle (poet)
... Charles Jules-Joseph de Gaulle (January 31, 1837 – January 1, 1880) was a French writer who was a pioneer of Pan-Celticism and the bardic revival ... He was the uncle of General de Gaulle ...
Champagne-et-Fontaine - Personalities
... For some twenty years the family of Charles de Gaulle owned a country home there called La Ligerie where de Gaulle spent his summers as a youngster ... The de Gaulle family sold La Ligerie in 1920 ...
Henri De Gaulle
... Henri de Gaulle (22 November 1848, Paris - 3 May 1932, Sainte-Adresse) was a French bureaucrat and later a teacher ... He was the father of Charles de Gaulle, a military general and President of France ... Henri de Gaulle's father was a graduate of the École Nationale des Chartes ...
Charles De Gaulle (poet) - General De Gaulle's 1969 Speech
... In January 1969, General de Gaulle attempted to use his uncle's reputation in Brittany by declaiming the second quatrain of his uncle's poem Da Varsez Breiz (the lines above ... De Gaulle's use of the poem led to a severe adverse reaction from his audience who drowned out much of the rest of his speech ...
Musée De L'Ordre De La Libération
... was created in 1940 by General Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French Forces ... In 1967 de Gaulle moved the Order of the Liberation into Les Invalides ... documenting the history of the Free French Forces, de Gaulle's manuscripts, resistance activities, and the concentration camps ...

Famous quotes containing the word gaulle:

    Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.
    —Charles De Gaulle (1890–1970)

    General de Gaulle was a thoroughly bad boy. The day he arrived, he thought he was Joan of Arc and the following day he insisted that he was Georges Clemenceau.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)

    For all of us Frenchmen, the guiding rule of our epoch is to be faithful to France.
    —Charles De Gaulle (1890–1970)