Gauliga Nordmark

The Gauliga Nordmark was the highest football league in the Prussian Province of Schleswig-Holstein and the German states of Hamburg, Lübeck, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz and parts of Oldenburg from 1933 to 1945. Shortly after the formation of the league, the Nazis reorganised the administrative regions in Germany, and the Gaue Hamburg, Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein replaced the Prussian province and the German states in this northern region of Germany.

From 1942, the Gauliga Nordmark was split into three separate leagues, the Gauliga Hamburg, Gauliga Mecklenburg and the Gauliga Schleswig-Holstein.

The German word Nordmark can be translated as Northern Marches, referring to the fact that the league covered the northern-most part of the country.

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