Gann may refer to

  • Ernest K. Gann (1910-1991), author, sailor, fisherman and airline captain
  • Kyle Gann (born 1955), composer and music critic
  • Thomas Gann (1867–1938), medical doctor and amateur archaeologist
  • W. D. Gann (1878-1955), stock market analyst (see Gann angles)
  • Gann, in Irish mythology, king of the Fomorians
  • Gann Academy (founded 1997), Jewish school supported by Joseph Gann
  • Gann mac Dela (20th or 16th century BC), joint High King of Ireland
  • Gann, Ohio, small village in Knox County
  • Gann Valley, South Dakota

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Jason Gann - Personal Life
... Gann resides in West Hollywood, California ... In 2007, Gann was involved in a civil legal case regarding payment of medical expenses to the victim of an alleged assault ... Bus driver Joseph Hosny claimed that after being refused entry to a bus, Gann punched him repeatedly ...
William Delbert Gann - Stock Market Trading
... Gann described the use of angles in the stock market in The Basis of My Forecasting Method (1935) ... Calculating a Gann angle is equivalent to finding the derivative of a particular line on a chart in a simple way ... The most important angle Gann called the 1x1 or the 45° angle, which he said represented one unit of price for one unit of time ...
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... Gann, Ernest K ... The High and the Mighty ...
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... Michael Gann (born October 19, 1963 in Stillwater, Oklahoma) was a defensive lineman who played nine seasons in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons ... NFL Draft selections Bill Fralic Mike Gann Emile Harry Reggie Pleasant Ashley Lee Ronnie Washington Micah Moon Brent Martin John Ayres Ken Whisenhunt ...