Gangrel may refer to:

  • Gangrel (magazine), a British literary magazine of the 1940s
  • Gangrel (Old World of Darkness), a fictional clan of vampires in the role-playing game Vampire: the Masquerade
  • David Heath (wrestler), an American professional wrestler better known as "Gangrel" in World Wrestling Entertainment

Other articles related to "gangrel":

The Brood (professional Wrestling) - The Brood - Split
... By that time, Edge and Christian had found success as a tag team, and Gangrel had turned on Edge ... Gangrel tried to convince Christian to do the same, but Edge and Christian instead split from Gangrel, who turned on both of them and aligned himself instead with their main enemies ... The New Brood Stable Members Gangrel (leader) Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy Terri Runnels (Manager) Debut August 1999 Disbanded October 1999 Promotions WWF ...
David Heath (wrestler) - Career - World Wrestling Federation (1998-2001)
... Heath was given the name Gangrel, which was derived from a vampire clan from the role-playing game Vampire The Masquerade ... Gangrel made his TV debut on the August 16, 1998 episode of Sunday Night Heat, and was victorious in his in-ring debut against Scott Taylor ... Gangrel got one of his first title shots at the 1999 Royal Rumble ...
Gangrel (Old World Of Darkness)
... The Gangrel are a clan of vampires, often associated with the Camarilla, from White Wolf Game Studio's Vampire The Masquerade, Vampire The Dark Ages, and books and role-playing games ... The Gangrel are nomadic shapeshifters whose magical Discipline, Protean, allows them to transform their physical substances ... of Protean is so much greater than any other Clan that Gangrel can assume virtually any animal form, providing it is a scavenger or a predator ...
Antediluvians (World Of Darkness) - Ennoia
... Gangrel Gangrel characters are closest to their inner beasts, often acting very animalistic in nature ... Country Gangrel antitribu Ahrimanes Founded in-game by a Gangrel antitribu called Muricia, this Sabbat bloodline was formed by her use of a thaumaturgical ritual that mutates a ... All members are female Greek Gangrel City Gangrel antitribu Lhiannan Extinct, resulted from "The Crone" infusing a woodland spirit into a vampire Anda Extinct, Mongolian in-game bloodline ...