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Cosmic-ray Observatory
... A cosmic-ray observatory is a scientific installation built to detect high-energy-particles coming from space called cosmic rays ... About 90% of cosmic rays are protons, 9% are alpha particles, and the rest are other particles It is not yet possible to build image forming optics for cosmic rays, like a ... Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHEC) pose further detection problems ...
Cosmic Rays - History - Identifying The Cosmic Particles
... In the 1920s the term "cosmic rays" was coined by Robert Millikan who made measurements of ionization due to cosmic rays from deep under water to high altitudes and ... were produced in the atmosphere by Compton scattering of gamma rays ... Clay found evidence, later confirmed in many experiments, of a variation of cosmic ray intensity with latitude, which indicated that the primary cosmic rays are deflected by the ...
Annihilation Radiation
... Annihilation radiation is a term used in Gamma spectroscopy for the gamma radiation produced when a particle and Antiparticle collide ... Most commonly, this refers to 511-keV gamma rays produced by a normal (negative) electron and a positron (or positive electron) colliding ... Annihilation radiation is not monoenergetic, unlike gamma rays produced by radioactive decay ...
Mössbauer Effect - Description
... In general, gamma rays are produced by nuclear transitions from an unstable high-energy state, to a stable low-energy state ... The energy of the emitted gamma ray corresponds to the energy of the nuclear transition, minus an amount of energy that is lost as recoil to the emitting atom ... the energy linewidth of the nuclear transition, then the gamma ray energy still corresponds to the energy of the nuclear transition, and the gamma ray can be absorbed by a second atom of the same type as the first ...
Los Rayos Gamma - History
... Los Rayos Gamma began in the late 1960s as a project from journalist and writer Eddie López ... politics, blaming all their wrongdoings and the parody itself on gamma rays (a pun on his current therapy against his illness) ... title of the project was El Efecto de los Rayos Gamma sobre Eddie López (The effect of gamma rays on Eddie López) which was a take on the title of Paul Zindel's play The Effect of Gamma Rays on ...

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    ‘Line in nature is not found;
    Unit and universe are round;
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    As Uriel spoke with piercing eye,
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    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)