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Skye - History - Gaelic
... Pronunciation Scots Gaelic An t-Eilean Sgitheanach Pronunciation Scots Gaelic Am Binnean Dearg Pronunciation Scots Gaelic An Corran Pronunciation Scots Gaelic An Cuan Sgìth Pronunciation Scots Gaelic An Tìr ... In both the 1901 and 1921 censuses, all Skye parishes were more than 75 per cent Gaelic-speaking ... By 1971, only Kilmuir parish had more than three quarters Gaelic speakers while the rest of Skye ranged between 50 and 74 per cent ...
Highland Clearances - Second Phase of The Clearances
... One estimate for Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has 25,000 Gaelic-speaking Scots arriving as immigrants between 1775 and 1850 ... beginning of the twentieth century, there were an estimated 100,000 Gaelic speakers in Cape Breton, but because of economic migration to English-speaking ... By the beginning of the 21st century, the number of native Gaelic speakers had fallen to well below 1,000 ...
Benbecula - Gaelic Speakers
... Benbecula has historically been a very strong Gaelic-speaking area ... Both in the 1901 and 1921 census, all parishes were reported to be over 75% Gaelic speaking ... By 1971, Benbecula and South Uist were classed as 50-74% Gaelic-speaking ...
Culture and Sports - Gaelic in Inverness
... Historically, Inverness had a solidly Gaelic speaking population, with the majority of the population having Gaelic as their first language ... following the 1872 Education Act, Inverness suffered a decline in the number of Gaelic speakers in line with the rest of the once Gaidhealtachd / Scottish ... Despite the local dialect of Scottish Gaelic gradually falling out of use (although it continued to affect local English language dialect), the language is still spoken in other dialects and standardised forms ...
Scottish Men - Culture - Language - Scottish Gaelic
... Main article Scottish Gaelic See also Canadian Gaelic Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language with similarities to Irish ... Scottish Gaelic comes from Old Irish ... Gaelic (lingua Scottica, Scottis) became the de facto language of the whole Kingdom of Alba, giving its name to the country (Scotia, "Scotland") ...

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