Gabi is a male or female given name. Its origin is the Aramaic Gabriel, which means "Man of God". The female version is derived from Gabriela. Gabi also refers to a thick cotton blanket or sheet that is used in Ethiopia.

Gabi or GABI may refer to:

  • Gabriel Agbonlahor, English footballer
  • Gabriel Fernández (footballer), Spanish footballer
  • Gabriel Popescu, former Romanian footballer
  • Great American Biotic Interchange
  • The name of a Barangay in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines
  • Gabi, Niger
  • Gabi (elephant), the first elephant conceived in Israel through artificial insemination
  • Gabor Hun, member of American rock outfit, Sledgeback
  • GaBi, a software product from PE International for life-cycle assessment
  • an abbreviation for gallium bismuth
  • Gabi (dog), German shepherd bitch who worked as a guard dog at the Belgrade Zoo and managed to defeat an escaped jaguar.
  • Gabi (2012 film), a 2012 film

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