Fundamental may refer to:

  • Foundation of reality
  • Fundamental frequency, as in music or phonetics, often referred to as simply a "fundamental"
  • Fundamentalism, the belief in, and usually the strict adherence to, the simplistic or "fundamental" ideas based on faith of a system of thought
  • The Fundamentals, a set of books important to Christian fundamentalism
  • Any of a number of fundamental theorems identified in mathematics, such as:
    • The fundamental theorem of algebra, a theorem regarding the factorization of polynomials
    • The fundamental theorem of arithmetic, a theorem regarding prime factorization
  • Fundamental analysis, a method that uses financial and economic analysis to predict the movement of security prices such as bond prices, but more commonly stock prices

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Contemporary Society
... scientists, is characterised by at least three fundamental directions increasing human interconnection through a network of relationships that is progressively covering the whole planet the pace and depth of ... These directions are the result of a number of fundamental changes that are irreversibly transforming our daily lives, our way of thinking and perceiving the world ... Among these fundamental changes are improvements in life conditions, life expectancy, literacy and gender equality changes in domestic and international ...
Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch
... It was a compendium of ephemerides of all large Solar system bodies and of fundamental stars which define the celestial reference system ... the international edition of the Astronomical Ephemeris and of Apparent Places of Fundamental Stars (APFS) ... it contained accurate apparent places of the first international fundamental catalogue which was compiled for astrometry later these data were actualized within the framework of the ...
Closed Tube - False Tones
... resonance at low E♭ (E♭1, 39 Hz), which is between the fundamental and the second harmonic (an octave higher than the fundamental) ... If so, it seems that the fundamental would be missing entirely, and would only be inferred from the overtones ... However, the node and the anti-node collide in the same spot and cancel out the fundamental ...
Fundamental - Music
... Fundamental (Bonnie Raitt album), 1998 Fundamental (Pet Shop Boys album) Fundamental (Puya album), 1999 Fundamental (Mental As Anything album) Fun-Da-Mental, a rap group ...
Fundamental Matrix
... A fundamental matrix may refer to fundamental matrix (computer vision) fundamental matrix (linear differential equation) fundamental matrix (absorbing markov chain) ...

Famous quotes containing the word fundamental:

    Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)

    We have had more brilliant Presidents than Cleveland, and one or two who were considerably more profound, but we have never had one, at least since Washington, whose fundamental character was solider and more admirable.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    It is a fundamental characteristic of civilization that man most profoundly mistrusts those living outside his own milieu, so that not only does the Teuton regard the Jew as an incomprehensible and inferior being, but the football player likewise so regards the piano player.
    Robert Musil (1880–1942)