Function Mutations

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Classification of Mutation Types - By Effect On Function
... Loss-of-function mutations are the result of gene product having less or no function ... When the allele has a complete loss of function (null allele) it is often called an amorphic mutation ... Phenotypes associated with such mutations are most often recessive ...
Carcinogenesis - Mechanisms - Tumor Suppressor Genes
... The functions of such genes is to arrest the progression of the cell cycle in order to carry out DNA repair, preventing mutations from being passed on to daughter cells ... alterations in p53, its tumor suppressor function is poorly understood ... p53 clearly has two functions one a nuclear role as a transcription factor, and the other a cytoplasmic role in regulating the cell cycle, cell division, and apoptosis ...
Summary of Properties and Advantages of ENU Mutagenesis
... It is known to induce point mutations, which implies that by mapping for the desired phenotype, the researcher can identify a single candidate gene ... The point mutations are at approximately 1-2 Mb interval and occur at an approximate rate of 1 per 700 gametes ... Point mutations induced by ENU can either be gain-of-function mutations or loss-of function mutations in a gene as against deletions, which can induce only ...

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