Frosty Leo Nebula

The Frosty Leo Nebula is a protoplanetary nebula (PPN) located roughly at 10,000 light-years (Davis et al. 2005) away from Earth in the direction of the constellation Leo. It is a spectral bipolar nebula. Its central star is of optical spectral type K7II, by itself called Frosty Leo. It is unusual in that it has an extremely deep absorption feature at 3.1 ┬Ám and is unusually located at more than 900 pc above the plane of our galaxy.(Bourke et al. 2000) Further, as of 1990, it has the only known PPN circumstellar outflow in which crystalline ice dominates the long-wavelength emission spectrum and the only known PPN with point-reflection-symmetric deviations from axial symmetry.

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Frosty Leo Nebula - Naming
1987 dubbed IRAS 09371+1212 as the "Frosty Leo Nebula" because of their interpretation of the object's extremely unusual far infrared spectrum that water is largely depleted in its gaseous state by ...

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