Freshman Fifteen

Freshman Fifteen

The freshman 15 is an expression commonly used in the United States that refers to an amount (somewhat arbitrarily set at 15 pounds) of weight often gained during a student's first year at college. In Australia and New Zealand it is sometimes referred to as First Year Fatties, Fresher spread, or Fresher Five, the latter referring to a five kilogram gain.

The purported causes of this weight gain are increased alcohol intake and the consumption of fat and carbohydrate-rich cafeteria-style food and fast food in university dormitories. Many dining halls in American universities are all-you-can-eat style and offer copious dessert choices. In addition, lack of sleep may lead to overeating and weight gain, because it lowers the level of leptin. Other causes include malnutrition, stress, and decreased levels of exercise. All of these factors can affect each person in a different way. Studies confirm many of these causes. Colleges and universities have recently been cracking down on this common problem and are trying to educate people on how to prevent it. This problem has grown so much that students are focusing on how to stop the freshman 15 before it happens.

Despite how commonly the Freshman 15 is asserted, an Ohio State University study showed that the average college student gains only two to three pounds in their first year. Additionally, it showed that college students did not gain any more weight than non-college students of the same age, and that the only factor that did increase weight gain was heavy drinking.

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