Frequency Translator

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Zenith Cable Modem - A Nascent Market - Quality Perceptions and Reality
... call Prodigy and request server reset 4) Duplicate CM MAC address 5) Lost modem frequency configuration. 9) Frequency translator drift, resolution replace the Olsen unit with model made by Wavecom (now Vecima Networks, who now makes upconverters for the Cisco DOCSIS compliant CMTS platforms) 10 ... Pad inputs to frequency translator to ensure +5 dBmV input on this tone for each fiber node (individually) ...

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    One is apt to be discouraged by the frequency with which Mr. Hardy has persuaded himself that a macabre subject is a poem in itself; that, if there be enough of death and the tomb in one’s theme, it needs no translation into art, the bold statement of it being sufficient.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)