Frequency Distribution

A frequency distribution shows us a summarized grouping of data divided into mutually exclusive classes and the number of occurrences in a class. It is a way of showing unorganized data e.g. to show results of an election, income of people for a certain region, sales of a product within a certain period, student loan amounts of graduates, etc. Some of the graphs that can be used with frequency distributions are histograms, line graphs, bar charts and pie charts. Frequency distributions are used for both qualitative and quantitative data.

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... in the recurrence plot of minimal length where is the frequency distribution of the lengths of the diagonal lines ... form vertical lines can be quantified in the same way where is the frequency distribution of the lengths of the vertical lines, which have at least a length of ... as stated, but even more complex (to calculate the Lyapunov exponent from an RP, the whole frequency distribution of the diagonal lines has to be considered) ...
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... aerosol, we describe the size of the aerosol by use of the particle-size distribution ... One approach to defining the particle size distribution is to use a list of the size of all particles in a sample ... If the width of the bins tends to zero we get the frequency function where is the diameter of the particles is the fraction of particles having diameters between and + is the ...
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... Transform expresses any changes (motion) in terms of frequency components ... Mathematically, it's far easier and faster to recognize and process frequency signatures from which very accurate motion vectors can then be calculated ... only the inter-frame changes in terms of frequency distribution, there's far less data that has to be processed in order to calculate the motion vectors ...
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... Managing and operating on frequency tabulated data is much simpler than operation on raw data ... of differences and similarities between frequency distributions ... A frequency distribution is said to be skewed when its mean and median are different ...

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    There is the illusion of time, which is very deep; who has disposed of it? Mor come to the conviction that what seems the succession of thought is only the distribution of wholes into causal series.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The frequency of personal questions grows in direct proportion to your increasing girth. . . . No one would ask a man such a personally invasive question as “Is your wife having natural childbirth or is she planning to be knocked out?” But someone might ask that of you. No matter how much you wish for privacy, your pregnancy is a public event to which everyone feels invited.
    Jean Marzollo (20th century)