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Adriaen Banckert
... During the Northern Wars he fought in 1658 against the Swedish fleet in the Battle of the Sound as captain of the Seeridder and subcommander of the squadron of Vice-Admiral Witte de With ... He managed to cover the retreat of the Dutch fleet on the second day of the battle ... the Third Anglo-Dutch War Banckert played an important role, especially by fighting the French squadron within the combined Anglo-French fleet ...
Mr. Moto's Last Warning - Plot
... in Port Said is making plans for naval maneuvers with the French fleet ... a ship docking in Port Said is Madame Delacour (Margaret Irving) the wife of the French naval admiral ... is given the task of finding out from Delacour when the French fleet is due at Port Said ...
Military History Of The Netherlands - Wars of The Dutch Republic - Nine Years' War (1688–1697) - English and Dutch Resurgence
... A large French fleet entered the English Channel, and gained a success over the combined British and Dutch fleets on July 10, 1690 in the Battle of Beachy Head, which was not followed up by vigorous ... year, while James's cause was finally ruined in Ireland, the main French fleet was cruising in the Bay of Biscay, principally for the purpose of ... In 1691, the French did little more than help to carry away the wreckage of their allies and their own detachments ...
Battle Of Sandwich (1217) - Battle
... On 24 August, in clear weather, the French fleet set out from Calais ... Opposing the French was Philip d'Aubigny, commander of the southeastern coast ... of great spoils should they defeat the French ...
Lord Hugh Seymour - French Revolutionary Wars
... Transferred to the Channel Fleet, Leviathan was attached to service under Lord Howe and served with him during the Atlantic campaign of May 1794 alongside John ... culminated in the Glorious First of June, when a French fleet was defeated by Howe's innovative tactics, but was ultimately successful in protecting a large grain convoy from the ... Howe's commanders to successfully close with the French line, although he was unable to break through it ...

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    On the middle of that quiet floor
    sits a fleet of small black ships,
    square-rigged, sails furled, motionless,
    their spars like burned matchsticks.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)

    You don’t want a general houseworker, do you? Or a traveling companion, quiet, refined, speaks fluent French entirely in the present tense? Or an assistant billiard-maker? Or a private librarian? Or a lady car-washer? Because if you do, I should appreciate your giving me a trial at the job. Any minute now, I am going to become one of the Great Unemployed. I am about to leave literature flat on its face. I don’t want to review books any more. It cuts in too much on my reading.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)