Francis Grose

Francis Grose (b. before 11 June 1731 – 12 June 1791) was an English antiquary, draughtsman, and lexicographer. He was born at his father's house in Broad Street, St-Peter-le-Poer, London, son of a Swiss immigrant and jeweller, Francis Jacob Grose (d. 1769), and his wife, Anne (d. 1773), daughter of Thomas Bennett of Greenford in Middlesex. Grose was baptized on 11 June 1731 in the parish of St Peter-le-Poer.

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Moot Hill - Siting and Purpose - Francis Grose
... Francis Grose in 1797 published his 'Antiquities of Scotland', and going from the 1789 date of the numerous engravings this was a little over forty years from the abolition of this aspect of the feudal ... Grose states mote hills, or places for administration of public justice, for considerable districts and courts hills, whereon the ancient lairds held their baronial courts, before the demolition of the ... He goes on to say - Grose records that the last instance of a Baron Baillie sentencing and carrying out a death sentence in Nithsdale was at Barnside Hill in around 1697 ...
Francis Grose - Other Works
... In addition to the books above mentioned Grose wrote Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons ... It also contains a satirical portrait of Jeremiah Hodges, Grose's erstwhile commanding officer in the Surrey militia ... A Travestie of Homer and The Battle of the Genii, were once attributed to Francis Grose ...

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