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Civilian Casualties In The War In Afghanistan (2001–present) - Afghan Protestation of Civilian Deaths Caused By International Forces - Afghan Public Protests Over Civilian Deaths
... According to Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah, 44 people were killed and 120 wounded in the U.S ... accusing USA-led coalition and Afghan troops of killing civilians in the western province of Herat ... district headquarters in Shindand, south of Herat city, where Western troops have a large base ...
Joint Combined Exchange Training - Controversy
... The Leahy Amendment requires that all foreign troops trained by the US military be pre-screened by the US State Department for history of human rights violations allegations ... Failure to pass this screening results in the foreign troops or their entire units being excluded from participating in the training ... part of the military instruction that US military troops provide to any foreign soldier or unit includes training in human rights and the Law of Land Warfare ...
Fumimaro Konoe - Konoe's Final Term, Attempts To Avoid War With The United States
... the Japan-backed Reorganized National Government of China, withdrawal of Japanese troops from China and mutual respect for its independence, and even an agreement that Japanese immigration to the United ... of the Army's reaction if he overrode the Foreign Minister ... Konoe resigned, only to form a new government without Matsuoka as Foreign Minister ...
La Grande Armée - Forces of The Grande Armée - Foreign Troops in The Grande Armée
... See also V Corps (Grande Armée) Many European armies recruited foreign troops, and Napoleonic France was no exception ... Foreign troops played an important role and fought with distinction in La Grande Armée during the Napoleonic Wars ... In 1805 35,000 troops from the Confederation of the Rhine were used to protect lines of communications and flanks of the main army ...

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    The horseman on the pale horse is Pestilence. He follows the wars.
    Ardel Wray, and Mark Robson. Explaining why he is taking pains to protect his troops from plague (1945)

    I have been told lately that Fuseli was travelling by coach and a gentleman opposite him said: “I understand, Mr. Fuseli, that you are a painter; it may interest you to know that I have a daughter who paints on velvet.”
    Fuseli rose instantly and said in a strong foreign accent, “Let me get out.”
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)