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Al-Qa'im (town)
... military regards Qa'im as the entry point for foreign fighters into Iraq and regards it as a strategically important point ... in the town of Husaybah that day, including foreign fighters ... Matador, in which they faced stiff resistance from both local Iraqi fighters and foreign fighters ...
Iraqi Insurgency - Conflict Parties - Foreign Participants - Schism Between Foreign Fighters and Native Insurgency
... Large-scale terrorist attacks against civilians carried out by foreign fighters, as well as the interpretation of Islam that they attempt to impose on the local population in areas ... Jessica Stern warned that "In the run-up to the war, most Iraqis viewed the foreign volunteers who were rushing in to fight against America as troublemakers ... While some have noted an alliance of convenience that existed between the foreign fighters and the native Sunni insurgents, there are signs that the foreign militants, especially those who follow ...
2008 Abu Kamal Raid - Background
... Throughout the Iraq War, Syria has reportedly served as a conduit for foreign fighters intending to enter Iraq to fight US, coalition, or Iraqi military and police forces ... According to the US military, the foreign militants were responsible for 80% to 90% of the suicide attacks in Iraq, mainly targeting Iraqi civilians ... containing information about alleged Syrian smuggling networks used to move foreign fighters into Iraq ...
Salman Pak Facility - Government Organizations - United Nations
... to fight the Islamic Kurdish party, but that foreign fighters were never trained at the facility ... was used both for counter terrorism operations and the training of foreign fighters "while Iraq’s special forces did train to retake hijacked airplanes at the Salman Pak facility ... Foreign fighters were housed with the Fedayeen Saddam—whose main headquarters were at the Suwara facility—but only in the run-up to the 2003 ...
Siege Of Lal Masjid - Al-Qaeda and Foreign Fighters
... sources believe that as many as 18 foreign fighters from Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Afghanistan had arrived weeks before the final confrontation and established firing ranges to teach ... Officials blamed the presence of foreign fighters for the breakdown of negotiations, as they seemed about to reach a deal to end the standoff peacefully ... According to government sources and western diplomats, the Al-Qaeda fighters in the mosque sought martyrdom instead ...

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    All fighters are prostitutes and all promotors are pimps.
    Larry Holmes (b. 1949)

    If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms—never—never—never!
    William Pitt, The Elder, Lord Chatham (1708–1778)