Fon may refer to:

  • FON Wireless Ltd., an international company that runs a system of shared wireless networks
  • Fon (Cameroon), a traditional title for a ruler in Cameroon
  • Fon people is a major West African ethnic and linguistic group
  • Fon language is the language shared by the Fon people
  • FON University, the first Macedonian private university
  • Funding Opportunity Number, assigned by federal agencies to available grants
  • Fundusz Obrony Narodowej, or Fund for National Defense, a collection attempt in Poland prior to World War II
  • FON, former ticker symbol of Sprint Nextel
  • Fiber-optic network, a telecommunications network which uses optic fibers
  • FON, a 1980s Sheffield, UK record label and studio started by the band Chakk

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Second Franco-Dahomean War - Beginning of Hostilities - Battle of Dogba
... The Fon broke off the attack after three to four hours of relentless fighting, characterized by repeated attempts by the Fon for melee combat ... Hundreds of Fon were left dead on the field with the French forces suffering only five dead ...
Fon Of Batibo
... His Royal Highness Fon R.A.M Tebo II of Batibo, a Law graduate of the University of Yaounde by training ascended the throne upon the death of his father ... Fon R.A.M.Tebo II of Batibo was born into the royal fondom of Batibo village in the North-West Region of the Republic of Cameroon in 1964 ... His predecessor and father, Fon GTT Mba 11(paramount chief of Batibo) was a man of firm character yet his love for family and penchant for knowledge were easy magnets that compelled the attention of the budding ...
List Of Reborn! Characters - Other Characters - Arcobaleno - Fon
... Fon (風?) is I-Pin's master who is the holder of the Red pacifier of the Storm ... He bears a striking resemblance to Hibari in his grown form, but he is peace-loving, polite, and kind to others, contrasts with Hibari's violent and fierce attitude ...
Chilli Spot - Uses in Software
... FON ChilliSpot is used in FON's FONSPOT software that turns a regular Mac/Linux/PC machine into a FON spot ...